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Super cushy on my ears and all sorts of adjustable, these are the head-turning headphones I turn to for chit-chatting with my girlfriends (yeah, there’s a mic), jamming out to my ex’s playlist or tuning in with my guided daily meditations. Ohm. Speaking of ohm, the headband part is nice and flexible too, and it gets to know my head so they keep getting more and more comfortable.

I can wear them all day long. And sometimes I do… at least around my neck… I’m pretty sure people think I’m a DJ when I do that too. Haha. (That might be a fantasy of mine.)


Sound: 40mm titanium drivers deliver natural sound (great beats and balanced tunes)
Cord Line length: 1.4m / 4.59ft. The cord is just long enough but not too long to get me tangled up in 50 shades of pink.
Connectors: AUX
Sensitivity: 113dB
Frequency: 20 - 20000Hz
Microphone: Yes
Case: The storage case is super chic and protects these little gems from the evil keys in my purse.

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