Radiant Mythical Floating Unicorn

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🌟 Float on 🦄 Magic 🌟

So, it is official… I do have a fairy godmother. I know, because this exists.

I’ve always wanted an enormous unicorn floatie and I swear I dreamed it into existence--you’re welcome. We will float in style my friends. We will float in style. It’s big enough for a cozy two but

I want it all to myself.

Excuse me… my chariot awaits.

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Enormousness Details: 6.5’x3.25’x3’ (and it weighs 2.86lbs so plan accordingly when you’re packing this in your suitcase for your bachelorette weekend in the Bahamas--it’ll totally be worth it though, I agree.)

Made with PVC for durability and graceful floating.

Material: Eco-Friendly PVC

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