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It’s a common buzzphrase that we all say to each other these days. Moms say it to their kids almost every time they leave their presence. Friends say it to each other just as a regular goodbye. We live in a crazy scary world and we all have to be more aware of our surroundings.

But how can we really have peace of mind? What are we doing to help to ensure that our precious babies really can stay safe in this crazy, unpredictable world? There are tools like guns, mace, and pepper spray, but those are simply too dangerous and impractical in some situations.

This Anti-Attack Loud Alarm Keychain is the perfect solution. It’s a cute little egg-shaped keychain that you can clip to your backpack, purse, wallet, pants, sports bra, keys...  anything, really. When activated, it blasts off a REALLY LOUD ALARM that will alert the world that there is a problem and bring a lot of immediate attention to you. Just by pulling out the alarm rope, you can easily start and stop the very loud 120 db sound alarm volume. Listen here

The ultra-loud alarm will give warning to others around you and you will get help. In this crazy world we live in these days, a little extra peace of mind goes a long way.

The Specifics:

  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Convenient and easy to carry and use
  • Loudness: 120 db, ultra loud. Warning: The alarm sound is very loud. Never put the unit close to your ears. CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE ALARM SOUND
  • Usage: Pull off the hand strap to activate alarm. Insert the hand strap to the plug to turn off the alarm.
  • Size: (2.4" x 1.65" x 0.78"
  • Powered by: 23A 12V Battery (Included). Ready to use right out of the box. Low power consumption. Note: When loudness of siren decreases, unscrew the battery cover on back of alarm to replace with new batteries of the same kind.
  • Available in Pink, Purple, Aqua, Yellow and Black


Who Needs This: 

  • Ideal for night shift workers, ladies, kids, teens, elderly, disabled, joggers, and those traveling alone. Protect yourself against intruders or attackers!
  • Also, great for hikers who might want to scare off an animal they encounter in their path!
  • Family members or anyone wanting to get quickly someone’s attention from across the house without yelling!
  • Teachers who want to get students' attention in the classroom!
  • Perfect GIFT IDEA for everyone on your list!!


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