Mini Fan for iOS & Android

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This sweet fan is powered by your iPhone or Android, and will keep you cool on demand. Just pop this cute little accessory on your phone anywhere on-the-go and stay breezy. By just inserting the USB interface into the mobile power supply you can enjoy a steady stream of cool, refreshing air.

Use it in the car, train, bus, plane, underground, at the park or even at home while using your device. The blades are made of flexible and soft silicone so they are safe for use around family and your valuables. The fan is compatible with IOS devices (5/6/7 or iPad with lightning connector) and Androids running OTG.

  • Works with iPhone series 5, 6, or 7 and Android phones
  • Super mini portable design
  • Flexible blade made of soft silicone. TPE material can be safe and environmentally friendly, smooth and without scratches
  • Very low power consumption, and it will not harm your phone
  • Low noise but strong fan wind.
  • Motor speed: 16000 RPM turn and can work continuously more than 100 hours
  • 74 inches by 1.77 inches
  • Can be used facing forward or backward in phone
  • Stay cool at the beach, in long lines at the amusement park... or anywhere!

Available in Pink, White, Blue, Orange, Green and Black


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