Small but Mighty Multi-Port

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Finally a chic and multi-purpose port for my computer (Apple MacBook, in rose gold, if you wanted to know.) Teeny tiny, this mutha-lovin multi-port is easy to carry around. Plus, this one really wins in the ‘doing multiple things at once’ category. Preach!

There’s an HDMI Output (up to 4k @30Hz) Two standard USB 3s, so I can plug in the pen-tablet that I can’t function without AND a hard drive or whatever else I need to stick in there at any given time.

And of course, there’s a USB-C for charging. Gotta have it.

Word to the wise, keep it plugged in and charge your computer through this device to keep running at full speed ahead.

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Size: 10.5mm*88mm*39.5mm
Connector A: Type-C,USB
Connector B: HDMI,Type-C
Type: Multiport Adapter

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